Squiggly Gum Gifts

40cm x 60.5cm (15.5” x 28.8”) on wood panel mounted on a larger wood panel with wood struts on the back for hanging

Mixed media: Crackling medium, acrylic paint, screen print, nature print, resin, black tourmaline rocks, obsidian chips, crystal rocks, jute string,  sticks covered in gold resin, a feather.

This painting is one in a series titled “On the Surface” In this series I explore textures manmade and natural and how they evoke memories and emotions. This work was inspired by a photo I took of a piece of bark on the ground which had been etched by the scribbly gum moth. These creatures make little tunnels and tracks on the bark of the Squiggly gum tree- an Australian gum tree. They lay their eggs in these tracks between the old  and the new bark. These marks have always fascinated me since I was a child and I have always considered them an amazing example of the incredible naturally occurring art in nature. To me this is one of the many gifts of nature we need to protect and care for.



This is a video of the highlights of the making of "Squiggly Gum Gifts"