Remembering the Reef- SOLD

Diptych Total size: 120cm x 91cm (48” x 36”)

Mixed Media: textured pastes, acrylic paints, crystal stones, resin on 2 wood cradled panels.

This painting is part of my collection of works titled “On the Surface”. In this series I explore textures and how they evoke memories and emotions. The title of this painting “Remembering the Reef” has 2 meanings. The first being the literal meaning of my trip to the Great Barrier Reef and how I was struck by the sheer beauty and the teaming life I saw there. The second meaning of the painting represents the fear I have for the future of the Great Barrier Reef. In my painting I represent the coral bleaching as bone like shapes disappearing and washing away at the bottom of the painting.



This is a video of the highlights of the making of "Remembering the Reef"